April 22nd - Fourth Sunday of Easter - Fr. Kastl - Good Shepherd Sunday12.02 MBDownload
April 15th - Third Sunday of Easter - Fr. Kastl - What Are You Afraid Of?13.89 MBDownload
April 8th - Divine Mercy Sunday - Fr. Sean - God is Mercy10.35 MBDownload
April 1st - Easter Sunday - Fr. Kastl12.97 MBDownload
March 25th - Palm Sunday - Fr. Sean - Stand with the Lord10.57 MBDownload
March 18th - Fifth Sunday of Lent - Fr. Kastl - Are You Selfish?9.87 MBDownload
March 11th - Fourth Sunday of Lent - Fr. Sean - Seeing God14.74 MBDownload
March 7th - Parish Lenten Mission - Commandments 6 thru 10 - Fr. Kastl17.13 MBDownload
March 4th - Third Sunday of Lent - The 10 Commandments - Fr. Kastl15.78 MBDownload
February 25th - Second Sunday of Lent - Expectations - Fr. Sean13.84 MBDownload
February 18th - First Sunday of Lent - Companionship with Christ - Fr. Kastl10.22 MBDownload
February 11th - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faith & Works Appeal - Fr. Sean11.96 MBDownload
February 4th - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Spiraling Upward - Fr. Sean14.16 MBDownload
January 28th - Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TIme - Catholic Schools Week - Fr. Kastl14.42 MBDownload
January 21st - Third Sunday in Ordinary of Time - What is Repentance? - Fr. Kastl16.50 MBDownload
January 14th - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - What's Your Cannonball? - Fr. Sean13.99 MBDownload
January 7th - The Epiphany of the Lord - Change in Strategy - Fr. Sean10.97 MBDownload
December 31st - The Feast of the Holy Family - The Virtue of Family - Fr. Kastl16.19 MBDownload
December 25th - Christmas - The Nativity of the Lord - Fr. Kastl16.83 MBDownload
December 24th - Fourth Sunday of Advent - The Annunciation - Fr. Sean12.50 MBDownload
December 17th - Third Sunday of Advent - A Spiritual Investigation - Fr. Sean13.51 MBDownload
December 10th - Second Sunday of Advent - Are You Prepared? - Fr. Kastl11.60 MBDownload
December 3rd - First Sunday of Advent - The Coming of the Son of Man - Fr. Sean13.07 MBDownload
November 26th - Solemnity of the King of the Universe - Will You Serve the King? - Fr. Kastl15.01 MBDownload
November 19th - Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Is Life Fair? - Fr. Kastl11.21 MBDownload
November 12th - Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Heroic Vigilance - Fr. Sean12.33 MBDownload
November 5th - Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time - To Serve in God's Will - Fr. Sean10.40 MBDownload
November 1st - All Saints Day - Bishop Konderla10.79 MBDownload
October 29th - Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Kastl Announces His New Assignment10.08 MBDownload
October 22nd - Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - What Do You Give to God? - Fr. Kastl10.36 MBDownload
October 15th - Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A Kingly Banquet - Fr. Sean13.10 MBDownload
October 8th - Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time - Three Important Things - Fr. Kastl14.71 MBDownload
October 1st - Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Are You Doing the Will of God? - Fr. Kastl12.02 MBDownload
September 24th - Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Are You Jealous? - Fr. Sean12.46 MBDownload
September 17th - Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Commitment Sunday13.79 MBDownload
September 10th - Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Stewarding Our Relationships14.60 MBDownload
September 3rd - Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Lifestyle of Stewardship15.10 MBDownload
August 27th - Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time - Who is Your Rock?10.77 MBDownload
August 20th - Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Revealing the Mission12.51 MBDownload
August 13th - Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Are You Sinking?15.55 MBDownload
August 6th - The Transfiguration of the Lord - Jesus Christ is Lord (Welcome Fr. Sean!)7.64 MBDownload
July 30th - Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - What Do You Treasure?11.54 MBDownload
July 23rd - Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - What Are Your Weeds?10.84 MBDownload
July 16th - Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Pittman - Mission Appeal21.47 MBDownload
July 9th - Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Are You Burdened?13.18 MBDownload
July 2nd - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Conditions of Discipleship13.18 MBDownload
June 25th - Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time - What Are You Afraid Of?12.59 MBDownload
June 18th - Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ - Deacon Steve Creed11.85 MBDownload
June 11th - Solemnity of the Holy Trinity - How Do You Love?8.82 MBDownload
June 4th - Pentecost Sunday - Do You Have Peace?11.02 MBDownload
May 28th - The 7th Sunday of Easter - Are You Spiritually Maturing?11.94 MBDownload
May 21st - The 6th Sunday of Easter - Do You Have Hope?12.35 MBDownload
May 14th - The 5th Sunday of Easter - What Are You Building?10.67 MBDownload
May 7th - The 4th Sunday of Easter - Who Do You Follow?10.87 MBDownload
April 30th - The 3rd Sunday of Easter - Who is Your Spiritual Friend?10.17 MBDownload
April 23rd - Divine Mercy Sunday - What is Divine Mercy Sunday?15.52 MBDownload
April 16th - Easter Sunday - Are You Different?11.09 MBDownload
April 14th - Good Friday - Do You Really Love Jesus?13.59 MBDownload
April 13th - Holy Thursday - Do You Believe Jesus Loves You?14.48 MBDownload
April 9th - Palm Sunday - Who is Your King?3.48 MBDownload
April 2nd - 5th Sunday of Lent - Are You Spiritually Dead?12.73 MBDownload
March 26th - 4th Sunday of Lent - Does Jesus Still Heal?11.88 MBDownload
March 19th - 3rd Sunday of Lent - Do You Thirst?14.84 MBDownload
March 12th - 2nd Sunday of Lent - Msgr. Dennis Dorney13.66 MBDownload
March 8th - Bishop Sam Jacobs - 3rd Night of the Lenten Mission15.42 MBDownload
March 7th - Bishop Sam Jacobs - 2nd Night of the Lenten Mission15.02 MBDownload
March 6th - Bishop Sam Jacobs - 1st Night of the Lenten Mission17.41 MBDownload
March 5th - 1st Sunday of Lent - Bishop Sam Jacobs17.88 MBDownload
March 1st - Ash Wednesday13.89 MBDownload
February 26th - 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Do Not Worry10.35 MBDownload
February 19th - 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Forgiveness14.71 MBDownload
February 12th - 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Jesus Fulfills the Law11.88 MBDownload
February 5th - 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Social Teachings of the Catholic Church16.27 MBDownload
January 29th - 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Beatitudes13.25 MBDownload
January 15th - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Father O'Brien19.37 MBDownload
January 15th - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Bishop Konderla12.97 MBDownload
January 8th - The Epiphany of the Lord 19.77 MBDownload
January 1st - The Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord - The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God12.62 MBDownload
December 25th - Christmas Day - The Solemnity of the Nativity of Jesus Christ13.40 MBDownload
December 18th - 4th Sunday of Advent - The Implications of the Incarnation (4 of 4)14.87 MBDownload
December 11th - 3rd Sunday of Advent - The Implications of the Incarnation (3 of 4)7.48 MBDownload
December 4th - 2nd Sunday of Advent - The Implications of the Incarnation (2 of 4) 17.70 MBDownload
November 27th - 1st Sunday of Advent - The Implications of the Incarnation (1 of 4)18.67 MBDownload
November 13th - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time12.26 MBDownload
November 6th - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Election Day (Virtue or Vice)11.72 MBDownload
October 30th - 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Deacon Tom - Being Kind to Yourself8.76 MBDownload
October 23rd - 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Awakening the Interior Life Part 418.16 MBDownload
October 16th - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Awakening the Interior Life Part 318.29 MBDownload
October 9th - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Awakening the Interior Life Part 217.27 MBDownload
October 2nd - 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Awakening the Interior Life Part 115.78 MBDownload
September 18th - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part 715.83 MBDownload
September 11th - 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part Six19.73 MBDownload
September 4th - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part Five10.22 MBDownload
August 28th - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part Four11.48 MBDownload
August 21st - 21th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part Three10.38 MBDownload
August 14th - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part Two14.16 MBDownload
August 7th - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Faithful and Prudent Stewards Part One14.42 MBDownload
July 24th - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time12.40 MBDownload
July 17th - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time16.19 MBDownload
June 26th - 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time14.31 MBDownload
May 29 - Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ14.62 MBDownload
May 22 - Holy Trinity15.98 MBDownload
April 24 - 5th Sunday of Easter9.12 MBDownload
April 3 - 2nd Sunday of Easter9.57 MBDownload
March 24 - Holy Thursday12.03 MBDownload
March 6 - 4th Sunday of Lent15.59 MBDownload
February 21 - 2nd Sunday of Lent14.37 MBDownload
February 7 - 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time17.23 MBDownload
January 31st - 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time12.08 MBDownload
January 24th - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time13.16 MBDownload
January 17th - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time12.98 MBDownload
January 10th - The Baptism of The Lord13.26 MBDownload
January 3rd - Epiphany11.00 MBDownload
Christmas Morning Mass 201511.03 MBDownload
Christmas Vigil Mass 201512.07 MBDownload
December 6 - 2nd Sunday of Advent12.64 MBDownload
November 29th - 1st Sunday of Advent12.12 MBDownload
November 22nd - Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe9.86 MBDownload
November 15th - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time19.37 MBDownload
November 8 - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time9.86 MBDownload
November 1 - All Saints Day14.79 MBDownload
October 25 - 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time18.46 MBDownload
October 18 - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time10.18 MBDownload
October 4 - 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time14.52 MBDownload
September 27 - 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time12.34 MBDownload
September 20 - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time13.15 MBDownload
September 13 - 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time19.18 MBDownload
Aug. 30th - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time13.42 MBDownload
Aug. 23rd - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time15.63 MBDownload
Aug. 16th - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time15.73 MBDownload
Aug. 9th - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time13.77 MBDownload
Aug. 2nd - 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time15.40 MBDownload
Ascension 18.46 MBDownload