Posted on June 26, 2015 10:33

St. John’s Gospel tells of Jesus feeding the more than 5,000 gathered to be fed by the Word, little knowing that they would be fed in reality one of the Lord’s best miracles.  In this particular miracle Jesus makes an effort to involve His Apostles by turning to them and appealing for assistance.  There is some hesitance and negativity on the parts of Philip and Andrew.  Jesus does not them for their misgivings but goes ahead to accomplish what He set out to do.  Even though the Apostles had witnessed previous incredible acts by the Lord, they still hesitated to trust Him implicitly.  How often do we do the same?  Do we remember the many blessings we have, and do we think of all the ways God has been with us, or do we, like Philip and Andrew, doubt?  Stewardship involves complete trust in Focus on blessings rather than challenges and miracles will seem commonplace.


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