Get Involved at St. Anne Catholic Church

There are many wonderful ministries here at St. Anne.  Please prayerfully consider how you can use your time, talents and treasure to get involved in  this amazing community.

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

Cantors at St. Anne’s provide a great service to the liturgy on Sunday.   Cantors need to be comfortable singing in front of the church, committed to one Mass per month, and be available prior to Mass to go over the liturgy with the Organist.

Cantors are provided with rehearsal tapes of the Psalms and provided with the hymns to be used at Mass well in advance.   Being able to read music is not required.  

Cantor schedules will be provided however, if something comes up, the schedule also lists all available cantors and you can call someone else to take your place or ‘trade’ days with someone else.

The coordinator for cantors and their schedules is Mary Guernsey.  She can be reached at 918-688-8527.