Get Involved at St. Anne Catholic Church

There are many wonderful ministries here at St. Anne.  Please prayerfully consider how you can use your time, talents and treasure to get involved in  this amazing community.

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The middle and high school youth groups strive to promote and instill Catholic identity and community among 6th through 12th grade students by providing social, service, and spiritual activities.
Friends, Catholic and non-Catholic, are always welcome at youth group activities. The high school  and middle school youth meet together for some events and separately for others. Most activities are held on Wednesday night and on weekends, and some middle school youth events are on Friday nights as well. All youth group participants are required to have a current medical/liability form on file in the case of an emergency.

Youth event calendars and permission slips are available in the vestibule of the Church, in the parish hall, in the youth room, and on this web site. Youth events are also published in the weekly Church bulletin. We like to include intergenerational,and family activities to our youth schedule whenever possible. We appreciate all donations of needed items and gifts of time and talent from our parishioners to and for the youth group program. We thank you for your generosity and support of the St. Anne Youth program.

We could not have youth group activities without the help of many adult volunteers, who maintain safety at youth group activities.  We require one chaperone for every 6 to 10 youth present at all youth activities. All chaperones must be over the age of 21 and have the proper paperwork completed and on file in the church office. Parishioners can volunteer on a weekly basis, or every once in a while as their schedule permits. Adults wishing to volunteer with our youth group activities are encouraged to contact the church office., 251-4000.


For questions or more info please contact the Youth Formation Coordinator, Jonathan Harris, at